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1. Buy your Hashpower SHA256

Once you have purchased your hashpower (sha256), our team proceeds to install and assign the sha256 hash to your smartprofits account. to start mining. In addition, the first payment is made in the next 24 hours. after activating the contract

2. Your Hashpower Start Mining Generate Bitcoins

when the hash is assigned to your smartprofits account. immediately begins to mine and generate bitcoins our system recolect all mining payments and will be send to your smartprofit account also Our team monitors 24 hours a day, to avoid any problem and give you the best income profitability thanks to smart contract mining.


3. Collect your daialy payments Start Earning

every 24 hours, our automated payment system, deposit in your account the amount corresponding to the daily payment, agreed in the mining contract. you can withdraw the money using our prepaid Master Card or you can send them to an external bitcoin address

Bitcoin Prepaid Card for Investors

exp. end: 11/22
mr Filip Vitas

This card is property of Monzo Bank, Wonderland. Misuse is criminal offence. If found, please return to Monzo Bank or to the nearest bank with MasterCard logo.

Use of this card is subject to the credit card agreement.

Investment Package


8% Daily

  • Min Deposit :0.005 BTC
  • Max Deposit :0.100 BTC
  • Profit Rate : 160%

10% Daily

  • Min Deposit :0.105 BTC
  • Max Deposit :0.500 BTC
  • Profit Rate : 200%

15% Daily

  • Min Deposit :0.505 BTC
  • Max Deposit :10.500 BTC
  • Profit Rate : 300%

Calculate Your Earnigs

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  • 0.00 TH/s

  • 0.00000000 btc

    Daily Payment
  • 0.00000000 btc

    Total Return

Real-Time Live Transactions

We display recentyle deposit and mining payments

Date Username Payment Address Amount Type Status
May-19th-03:14PM psio ..... ix 36vDVavEiuNZuMnt8XkVx75yKayMQHNB210.01936700 BTC WithdrawVerify  
May-19th-03:14PM shad ..... in 1GgU58KF4x6abFcBQCtWsMQWLr7SLatp8n0.01421854 BTC WithdrawVerify  
May-19th-03:12PM lawr ..... ie 1HckjUpRGcrrRAtFaaCAUaGjsPx9oYmLaZ0.00638947 BTC WithdrawVerify  
May-19th-03:12PM supe ..... 55 1KdBPntyDHpqDGvpiGsxXUksp8ecMACoSn0.01285897 BTC WithdrawVerify  
May-19th-03:12PM edri ..... ke 1Kx3EU5LyqjEc5GZYDVp7BVv8fThtxgntg0.01376700 BTC WithdrawVerify  
May-19th-03:12PM Romb ..... us 1HckjUpRGcrrRAtFaaCAUaGjsPx9oYmLaZ0.00638946 BTC WithdrawVerify  
May-19th-03:12PM odfo ..... fo 3Dqwxs8KZBkMVxdAnAsLjSfeJanVz6EWwa0.00703767 BTC WithdrawVerify  
May-19th-03:12PM Ktmn ..... gS 1J422CDjZNNEyrAf5oUsQnayd5LfxaGwdX0.01037126 BTC WithdrawVerify  
May-19th-03:04PM DAVI ..... NG 36hzBTQj4kdjAXjd7nnr5r59hZxsf95kjc0.00630020 BTC WithdrawVerify  
May-19th-03:04PM ccap ..... aw 15fNzkbb6REPWBcAn5WvvjtUahbYt2HvRv0.01213056 BTC WithdrawVerify  
May-19th-03:00PM silv ..... er 352zT3Ts9piSDhZpBsDoZMvdtDmJioQNBo0.00813727 BTC WithdrawVerify  
May-19th-03:00PM semi ..... id 3H2NSGrHWub7PeMQwd2MaYhNQeGaUAhSjT0.01908514 BTC WithdrawVerify  
May-19th-03:00PM fgum ..... 10 3EEcafP1ZhWCw5kLoctMf8k4cfek19mTbL0.01647600 BTC WithdrawVerify  
May-19th-03:00PM lite ..... ht 352zT3Ts9piSDhZpBsDoZMvdtDmJioQNBo0.00990500 BTC WithdrawVerify  
May-19th-02:58PM Ashi ..... ei 3ANm2qq8GyFzkg3a2w3NKapTvfxohr4ZTk0.01649500 BTC WithdrawVerify  
May-19th-02:58PM cped ..... ds 3PpR1eRh5P86eUgkj8kFCsruekZJ5RaT7e0.01104581 BTC WithdrawVerify  
May-19th-02:50PM Levi ..... Ba 1Kcr2gQv9zXFUscVXBzsF1paBNyL2ZsLie0.00559396 BTC WithdrawVerify  
May-19th-02:50PM mgsp ..... ro 1HckjUpRGcrrRAtFaaCAUaGjsPx9oYmLaZ0.00647402 BTC WithdrawVerify  
May-19th-02:44PM Mijn ..... oe 1CNMQH62X2KEyCFAsLoUexZYjwxRkRmUbd0.00727169 BTC WithdrawVerify  
May-19th-02:44PM dism ..... on 3DemwfxVgcuycrXMCcPTbKSQ5PwwhFEnTT0.01000000 BTC WithdrawVerify  
May-19th-02:36PM Yell ..... wS 34msaE5towD3Mvk6sdXKD1aGZHj8NegLHo0.01000415 BTC WithdrawVerify  
Date Currency Txid Deposit Amount Type Status
May-22nd-04:30AM LTC b5f2051ceacf11208108e8a1a411d95c26c48748bfe57168c341e17a2ce25b4f1.19675497 LTC DepositVerify  
May-22nd-04:30AM ETH 411d4f4863b62adb2307764bb84d0bda3231984d113709d9899d832eea454eb60.29347050 ETH DepositVerify  
May-22nd-04:00AM LTC cb440be51298aaaa405ddc605da42cef584f5692ec034d7482492340daa189121.56593017 LTC DepositVerify  
May-22nd-04:00AM LTC 3e23f6f524d9aa4e054c87f18e0ee38b7f9777833fa8dac2dc5531a2834411000.82879916 LTC DepositVerify  
May-22nd-04:00AM LTC 30c854443487c18e15e63db6b302343d4bfd707387718e17e1fc83a8e4a0363c1.50000000 LTC DepositVerify  
May-22nd-03:30AM ETH f00fe273a8e1d2c31afbec2bdb9c56a38e77455d81ed0199aff9e5d814bd02f50.49423100 ETH DepositVerify  
May-22nd-03:30AM LTC ad3367a7a55c1d32f03b28c473293b3f117dff5d3fd8c30f695aacd2259e4fe01.00000000 LTC DepositVerify  
May-22nd-03:30AM LTC 8332282bb2083510ad24f05e23832af7047a3416a4d5b3142f8122d3570ba99c1.17383000 LTC DepositVerify  
May-22nd-03:30AM LTC fe257ec7ba62e1c9f80132c892d3c90af05456351214cbcf9c07cc90139e95781.00033773 LTC DepositVerify  
May-22nd-03:30AM DASH 14b889e33bc8f79b67cedcf3a7a9ff292aa049dbe8084725080c5c5089f653080.75985189 DASH DepositVerify  
May-22nd-03:00AM ETH 29a06a12cd07e3ed5557414df9ede3ccd0f1ec5b634de7b0b0db061ac926ffc20.40000000 ETH DepositVerify  
May-22nd-03:00AM ETH de744bf6b174d30803499b447f7f8fd40ea30700aed06352de3c43e5de2f9d580.19967726 ETH DepositVerify  
May-22nd-03:00AM ETH d494ddc16cdf293a8c334409fda2f7ae57ab5cd96aaecf841d2439db6dfe85020.22818310 ETH DepositVerify  
May-22nd-03:00AM ETH 06e8cc670a906512cc7e56e2c70216746dd32e418413e6a22ccf0b6c198d44e40.19401280 ETH DepositVerify  
May-22nd-03:00AM ETH 83ebb8c990b4dc727edc4c1c4b29ea19aeedf1a16560bf2f8bf93c487611e4220.43000000 ETH DepositVerify  
May-22nd-02:30AM ETH 8a05597153b9c1f8fdf951600fbbb749d12994842d267b753c0f5a125256c0c20.43900000 ETH DepositVerify  
May-22nd-02:01AM LTC 2720bc80a399fdc4aeb6810e9fa57d0acbccceadc7f850c33cbe890295072b971.24661615 LTC DepositVerify  
May-22nd-02:01AM LTC dad5d210a71884d64a9afb2ef1661091c8ea4f7cc27ee147de10f3b80c3cb8dd1.93637746 LTC DepositVerify  
May-22nd-01:31AM LTC bccab1c832fe9f74671954cef2545c12612952d1624772eb418a7525be5ccb910.87174458 LTC DepositVerify  
May-22nd-01:31AM ETH 50d3e437b24131d6f978d48faedccc260f50e071c59e5283a0f57971d8abe4b50.60000000 ETH DepositVerify  
May-22nd-01:31AM ETH 8878e32dabce89d6b4611b9dc63c2372b90bfa96803d8573d47b71b3a9b713d00.20009861 ETH DepositVerify  

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  • 5% Porsent to pay to normal partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please ready our faq question to clear your mind

How does crypto mining work at Smartprofits?

It’s simple! Sign up and buy your sha256 hashpower Enter your cryptocurrency wallet address, pay via cryptos and you'll be mining! Your first payout will reach your wallet within 24 hours.

What’s your main offer?

We offer you the chance to rent hashing power via mining contracts. Currently we have 3 different mining contracts, each offering a different daily interest, from 8.0% to 15% daily. A mining contract runs for 20 Days, You can start with as little as 0.005 BTC, for a 8.0% daily return, 0.105 for a 10% daily return and in order to achieve 15% daily return, you share should be 1.000 BTC or more. Interest is applied to your personal account daily and available for a withdrawal at any time.

Can I exit the mining contract ?

Each mining contracts run for a period 20 days, no exit is available

How can you provide such high interest?

Based on mining volume and the state-of-the-art technology that we use for mining, we are able to provide interest that’s higher than the market average. Also, the fact that we are expanding our services globally helps us to accelerate and reach new heights. In order to keep our status as one of the world’s best mining companies available today, we have to work by standards and concepts that apply to modern-day technology. As a result of constant and purposeful teamwork we are able to provide lucrative interest to our clients.

What are the payment options?

When you buy a sha256 contract, you only can mine bitcoins so the profits only you can collect in BITCOINS

What happens with my funds if cryptocurrency price goes up or down?

Nothing happens, because, when you buy a hashpower in the contract specific the amount thath you will earn daily and is in bitcoin. so if bitcoin up or down no affect the current contract

Can I add funds to a mining contract that’s already running?

Yes, anytime you can buy more hashpower and increment your daily earning, and time contract

What’s the minimum and the maximum amount required to participate?

The minimum starts with 0.005 BTC , and the maximum is 10.000000 BTC .

What’s the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum amount to withdraw is 0.002 BTC.

How much time does it take for a withdrawal request to be processed?

After have funds in your account, the withdrawals are processed instantly.

Are there any fees for withdrawals?

Yes for each withdraw thath you make the fee is 2% ( Fee for payment processor)

If suddenly, you have not found the answer to your question – write to support e-mail, I am very happy to answer you. – [email protected]

We Accept Cryptos as Payment

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